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Takes about 15 minutes Skill Level: EasySkill Level: Easy
Suggested Side Dishes
Carrot Sticks
Cooked Carrots
Corn on the Cob
Green Beans

Suggested Drink

Macaroni--cooked to directions on package
1 cube butter/margarine
2-3 TBsp. flour
2-3 cups of milk
1 TBsp corn starch mixed in water
2-3 cups of cheese
salt and pepper
OR 1 box macaroni and cheese cooked to directions
Directions: Melt butter in sauce pan. Add flour and stir in. Immediately add flour and whisk well. Let boil, add corn starch and water mixture. Keep stirring. Add cheese and let melt--stirring now and then. Add seasonings to taste and pour over cooked macaroni.

Notes: Add sliced hot dogs to spice up the meal a bit.

Time Saving Tip: It is definitely easier to use the prepackaged macaroni and cheese, but if you don't like the flavor of fake cheese (like my father) then you can try this recipe.

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