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Takes about 30 minutes Skill Level: NormalSkill Level: Normal
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Beef Roast, sliced into cubes
6-10 potatoes, sliced into bite size pieces
6-10 carrots, sliced into bite size pieces
onions, optional
salt and pepper to taste
Water to fill the crock pot
Directions: Cube the beef and then brown it in a skillet. You may want to add the onions too and brown them at this point. Then put the meat (and onions) into a crock pot and about 1-2 cups of water. Slice the potatoes and carrots (and onions if you did not previously add them) and add them to the crock pot. If you do not add fresh onions you may want to add dried onions at this point. Make sure the water covers the top of the veggies and meat. You will probably have to add several more cups of water. Add about 3 tsp. of salt and 1/2 tsp of pepper. You may have to add more later when it is closer to eating time.

Notes: I personally do not add any seasonings or flavorings to my beef soup, but some people like to add herbs like thyme, or a onion soup packet. This is totally up to you, but I like the natural taste.

Time Saving Tip: This is a crock pot recipe so I usually do it in the morning and let it cook all day long. The actual preparation only takes about 30 mins. though.

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