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1st Quarter 2016
adoralbe alexis
alexis 10 months
alexis 11 mo a little blury
alexis 11 months
alexis 9 months
alexis rides samson
alexis valentines day
alora and mommy
alora easter dress
alora swings alexis
beautiful painting of a beautiful girl
camping is dirty
camping is fun
can i help
costco trip together
cuddles are the best
cutie alexis
cutie lexy
daddy and lexy
david alexis and grandma
dean and maddie prom
dean climbing tree1
fort with cousins
fun dressing up
fun on the carosel
fun with brother
grandma and alora
grandma call reads to alora
grandpa and alora
grandpa peterson
happy birthday alicia
hike with alicia and jacob
hiking buddies
jacob gaga ball
jacob is brave
jacob the archer
jared casts
jared last day of casts
jared little legs
jared pine wood derby rocket
jared prep for heel cord surgery
jared reads to alora
lila 11 mo
love brother dean
loving brother and sister
mommy and girls
mommy and lexy on easter
mommy and lexy
picnic at home
prom brothers
reading in bed
sisters (2)
sisters play
studious alora
swinging sisters
trent school dance
triplets for school
we will have fun
weapons are fun

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