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4th Quarter 2015
2016 family halloween
3 bros
3 girls
3 youngest halloween
4 cousins
alexis 6 months
alexis and santa
Alexis in a tunnel
alexis pretty smile
alexis princess for halloween
alicia and lexy
alora and alexis
alora at the temple
alora looks at me at the temple
alora princess
alora sassy face
alora touches water at the temple
alora washing lexy
alora with santa
brothers swinging
can i help
casts are tiring
christmas baby
christmas dresses
christmas morning
cooking for the family
curly haired girl
d and d 16th birthday dinner
daddy and alora
daddy and lexy
daddy and sons
david and lila hike
david mountain man
david swim team
dean and landon swim team
dean and lexy
dean swimming
family fun at holiday carnival
family hiked the mountain
flower girl
fun run
gma and gpa call and family
gorgeous alora
halloween stories 2016
halloween teens
happy elf
happy lila almost 7 mo
hawaiian girl
hiking cousins
jacob a good brother
jacob and callie skate
jacob scouts
jacob swing jumping
jacob wacko eyes
jared and alora christmas morning
jared and santa
jared made it to the top
jared raingutter regatta
jared wacko
kiss from alora
lexy and roxie
matt 40th bday party
matt christmas morning
one last time
santa jared alora
sea life trip
sisters are buddies
sisters at the temple
snow is fun
squeezing oranges
trent swing jumping

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