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3rd Quarter 2015
4th of july warrior
4th of july weekend
4th of july
alexis 4 months
alexis and roxie
alexis at the beach
alexis in the pool
alexis on temple grounds
alexis sleeps at the beach
alicia and alora
alicia and alora at swim party
alicia and matt at the temple
alicia and matt on the train
alicia and trent hike
alicia puts alexis to sleep
alora at the park
alora helps feed alexis
alora lounging in the tent
alora paints for the first time
alora sleeping in the tent
alora supports her brothers
at the beach
brothers at scout camp
coach jared
cousins at the beach
daddy and alora camping on geode hill
daddy and lexy
david and alicia at temple
david dresses up
david loves lila
dean and lexy camping
deep sea fishing
family fun in ca
first day of 3rd 6th 8th
grandma and alora
grandma and grandpa
grandma and lexy
happy lexy
having fun in the sand
in the cupboard
jacob in gear
jacob needs braces
jared at the park
jared is buried
jared loves lila
jared swimming
lila 3 months
lila 4 months
matt and the eagle
princess alora
swim season
swimming together
trent dirty scout camp
trent gets his eagle
ultimate battle on geode hill

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