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2nd Quarter 2015
alicia and lila 15 days old
alicia and lila first day
alora 2 yrs
alora and jacob
alora and mommy ride
alora easter dress
alora enjoys her hot chocolate
alora in motion
alora is fancy
alora is helping
alora likes to drive
alora lila and mommy ride an atv
aloras first hair cut
at the ranch in ephraim
baby lila first picture
brotherly love
come on brother
cousin princesses
daddy and alora
daddy and lila
daddy and trent at manti temple
david camping
dean camping
drivers permits
driving a tractor
easter egg hunt at home
easter egg hunt at lindas
first campout for lila 11 days old
getting ready to fish
grandma reads to alora
horses are fun
jacob and alicia arrow of light
jacob and jared last pack mtg together
jacob and matt arrow of light
jacob caught a fish
jacob gets his arrow of light
jacob gets the all 20 patch for webelos
jacob is fishing
jacob the tumbler
jacobs last pack meeting
jared and alora
jared is handsome
jared rides in ephraim
jared running
jareds first and jacobs last
lila 2 months
lila 2 weeks
lila in ephraim
Lila one month
lila serious one month
lila sleeps 2 weeks
lila smiled so early
lila sweet smiles 6 weeks
many faces of lila 1
many faces of lila 2
matt and alicia oquirrh mnt temple
messing around in ephraim
mommy caught a fish
off to scout camp
peter panic alicia
piano recital 2015
ring around the rosie
swimmers 2015
trent delivers eagle project to pch
trent rides a 4 wheeler
trent rides a horse
we caught some fish

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