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2nd Quarter 2014
8th grade promotion
adoption day
alicia and linda hike
alicia loves alora
alicia trent alora picnic
alora 11 months
alora and jacob
alora covered in food
alora helps trent with the flag
alora is a little scared of samson
Alora on her sealing day
Alora sealed
alora sleeps on alicia
alora was so good in the car
alora watches alicia while she's gone
alora's red hat
alora's sealing day nello's pizza
ballerina alora on dishwasher
best friends
career day at school
conference sundaes
cousins boys
cousins girls
cousins reading
cutie pie
d and d choir concert
david and alora climb a tree
dean and alora manti
dean climbs a tree
dean hiking near geode hill
dean utah mountains
delilah digs a pit for eggs
draper temple with cousins
dreams do come true
fathers day
grandma's dress
grandpa and alora
hiking near geode hill
indian ruins
jacob alora and jared
jacob and alora (2)
jacob and alora
jacob at montezuma's castle
jacob gets his bear
jacob is handsome
jacob loves alora
jacob mom and alora hike walnut canyon
jacob mom and alora on field trip
kisses for jacob
manti pageant
matt alicia alora at desert botanical gardens
matt and alicia go fishing
matt was pa on trek
matt's reunion picnic
mom alora and jacob at sunset crater
petersons sealed in gilbert temple
sealed at the gilbert temple
smiling alora
super hero day at school
the water is freezing near geode hill
trent in band
we are a happy family
Alora face
peterson family 2014 tall shot

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