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1st Quarter 2014
alicia and jacob riding together
alicia gets to touch dolphins tongue
alicia hugs the dolphin
alicia kisses a dolphin
alicia rides dolphins
alicia swims with dolphins
alor loves to be outside
alora 10 months old
alora and matt at desert botanical gardens
alora crawls around at disneyland
alora plays at jurasic park ride
alora sad duck
alora takes a bath in the sink
alora watches alicia while she's gone
alora with goofy
best food of the trip was at rancho capomo
boys waiting to ride at disneyland
bugs land
cars land
david dean iron man
dining with friends 2
dining with friends
disneyland castle
disneyland ride
ferrying to the ship
flying high
getting wet is fun
giant jaws
going scuba diving
goofy's wild ride
happy alora
happy valentines day
horseback riding in puerto vallarta
jacob and thor
jared and diego
jurassic park ride
jurrasic park play ground
ladybug ride david jared alora
ladybug ride
light show
lunch break
matt at waterworld ride
matt holds a real lion cub
matt holds an iguana
matt kisses the dolphin
matt rides dolphins
matt shakes the dolphins fins
matt swims with dolphins
scary ride
sea world ride
seal sticks tongue out
slides at the dolphin place
temple trip with mom
the dining room
the simpsons ride
this is our ship
transformer talks to you
trent and jacob the manta ride
universal studios
waiting for captain emo
we loved scuba diving
wet rides are the favorites
wet rides are the most fun

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