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3rd Quarter 2013
abby and david
abby in dress from mexico
abby playing in the mud
alicia and her girls
alicia and matt helicopter ride
alicia's trip to guadalajara
alora 2 months
alora 3 months
alora 4 months (2)
alora 4 months
alora almost 4 months
alora in the sand
alora smile at 2 months
beach is so fun
blanket ride
brothers having fun in the sand
cowboys and indians guess who's the indian
crazy family
daddy and alora whale watching
david rocks alora to sleep
dean and abby
dean and david on beach
dean and jared buried
eage scouts
favorite pic of abby
first day of school
fun in the pool
grandma and alora
hat on alora
ice skating
jacob and trent on beach
jared buried
Mary's new room
matt in a helicopter
mommy and alora on the beach
old friends
playing in the sand
ready for church
san diego historical
tortoises are born
vortex in sedona
whale watching

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