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3rd Quarter 2009
House fire2
The Evil Cookware
The Evil Cookware2
Jared and Jacob in firetruck1
Matt's Beard1
Matt's Beard9
Matt's beard
Matt shaving beard1
Matt shaving beard5
Matt and Jacob hiking
Matt is the Karate kid
Boys running through cold water
Jacob on rock
David in river
Dean in the river
Alicia camping with Jared and Jacob
Jared in a bucket
Jared and Alicia sleeping
Jared and huge catfish
Alicia, Trent, and Jacob
Boys and Alicia
Family at temple for Nathan's wedding1
Jacob in shirt and tie
Jan Peterson  & Marv Osmun
Jared got Matt's hands
Jared loves his Dora
Jared riding 4 wheel
Jared standing
Jared's learning to push things
Our boys
Twins scouts
Diana Gabaldon, Aprilynne Pike, Matthew Peterson

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