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2nd Quarter 2009
Matt swallowing fish
Alicia and boys at the zoo
Jacob and fish
Boys at the zoo
Trent and aligator
Boys love penguins
Matt and Jared feed geraffs
Alicia with artichokes
Jacob with artichoke
Alicia, Jared, and Grandpa Osmun
Alicia, kids, and grandpa Osmun
Boys Easter eggs
Boys hikiing with their grandpas
Dirty boys1
Dean won 1st place in the pinewood derbe
Family visiting Matt at a book event
Jacob and Landon
Jacob and Paul's kids stuck in the chicken koop
Jacob and Trent's birthday party1
Jacob and Zach
Jacob bead museum
Jacob with bubble beard1
Jacob's pre-school graduation
Jared and Jacob in car
Jared and Dani
Jared and Lisa
Jared and Rachelle
Jared and speech therapist Laura
Jared got glasses
Jared Peterson with rash (Day 1)
Jared Peterson with rash (Day 1)2
Jared Peterson with rash (Day 2)
Jared with cousin
Jared's patch
Little kids at reunion1
Matt reading to kids
Matt with kids and a pig
Matt with kids on a tractor
Fathers and sons1
Matt's chigger bites
Jacob has a lizard
Messy Jared1
Peterson 40-year anniversary
Peterson Family1
Peterson Family2
Peterson Family3
Russian Tortoise
Trent and Camie
Trent looking at a frog

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