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3rd Quarter 2008
3 boys 1st day of school
Getting ready for school
Jacob funny face
Jared and Matt being silly
Jared sitting
Jared smiling in seat
Jared Walking
Jared with cool glasses
Jared with crown
Jared and Alicia swimming
BEA with Matt
Billboard in Utah
Matt in NY
Bounty hunters
Matt with bounty hunters
Matt, David, and Jacob are cowboys
Use the force
Santa pirate
Karen Haber, Robert Silverberg, Matthew Peterson
Lois McMaster Bujold and Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson and Connie Willis
Matthew Peterson, Gay and Joe Haldeman
Looking for candy
Dean hits the pinata
Frog and boys
Trent hits the pinata
Jared likes the zipline
Jared and Alicia hit the pinata
Jacob & Zach camping
Jacob and Matt with frog
Alicia kissing a frog
Call Reunion Matt
Jared likes meat
Boys being silly
Hiking in Sedona
Matt & Jared Sedona
Sedona 6boys
Seona Pines
Alicia with cake
Jacob with artichoke
Twins room

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