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1st Quarter 2008
Jared Eating
Pinewood derbe at Scouts
Fountain Hills Book Fair
David sees Jurasic Park eggs
David sees Jurasic Park
Universal Studios1
Jurasic Park
Mat is a super hero
David is a super hero
Alicia and David are super heroes
Matt and David are space rangers
Matt and David at Universal Studios
David and Alicia at Jurasic Park
David and Alicia going down the street
David and Alicia ride Jurasic Park
Matt is cool at Jurasic Park
Matt on Jurasic Park
Matt participates in a show
David and Spiderman
Alicia and David at Universal Studios
Alicia and David sees Scooby
David and Matt see Scooby
David is a football player
Dora loves David
San Diego on the beach
San Diego Temple
San Diego Temple2
San Diego Zoo1
San Diego Zoo2
San Diego Zoo3
San Diego Zoo4
Alicia and Jared at San Diego Zoo
David and Trent at San Diego Zoo
Trent and snake at San Diego Zoo
Trent at San Diego Zoo
Twins at San Diego Zoo
Jacob at San Diego Zoo
David is brave
buzzlightyear.Matt and Jacob (High score)
Darth Maul
Trent on Star Tours
Disney Land1
Disney Land2
Disney Land3
Disney Land4
Disney Land5
Sea World1
Sea World2
Sea World3
Sea World4
Sea World5
Sea World6
Sea World7
Sea World8
Alicia turns 30
Jared has a heart
Jared in the jumper
Jared sitting
Jared's first bath in the sink
Matt at Apache Elementary
Matt at North Carolina Temple
Matt's first book signing at Borders
Matt's first School Visit
Train ride for Jared
Dean is a tiger
Dean and the girl he likes
Trent and a hottie
Zoonie Hills

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