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1st Quarter 2007
Field day at school
Field day at school2
Visiting the firestation
Trent and Jacob at the firestation
Trent and Jacob at the firestation2
Jared with patch on eye
Alicia and Jared riding a horse
Trent riding a horse
Riding a horse
Alicia and the boys building the playset
Alicia holding Jared in pouch
Jared in pouch
Alicia turns 29 years old
At the park for heart patients
Book of Mormon party
Going to a party
Jared gets his baby blessing
Jared in car seat
Jared in crib
Jared in crib2
Jared pulling out his feeding tube
Jared sitting
Jared sitting2
Jared taking a bath
Jareds baby blessing
Matt fell asleep with Jared
Trent fell asleep with a rag on his face
Chocolate Fondue

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