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2nd Quarter 2005
Dean, Jared, & David do karate
Jacob in seat2
Jacob likes his new toy2
Jacob turns 1 year old
Jacob turns 1 year old4
Trent on his new bike2
Trent turns 3 years old
Trent turns 3 years old2
Alicia reading to children
Grandparents with grandkids
Twins in karate
Call Family
Call Children and parents
Cliff and Mary Call
Derik's Family
Larkin's Family
Grant's Family
Gerald's Family
Peterson Family Closeup1
Alicia Peterson
Getting our pool up
Fathers and Sons camping
Jacob eating apple sauce
Jacob getting a drink
Jacob likes jam
Pruning the apple tree
Turtle's first kiss-fight
Jacob standing on his head
Twins are buds
Twins and Matt1
Twins and Matt2
David and Jacob3
Samson and David
Samson and Trent
Boys having a picnic with Samson
Boys having a picnic
Boys on the grass
Green Boys
Jacob in rain
Alicia at park
In the tent upstairs for General Conference
Trent reading scriptures

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