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4th Quarter 2004
Trent in Christmas Spirit
Boys with Santa
Jacob and Santa
Ward Christmas Party1
ServiceOne Employees
ServiceOne Men2
ServiceOne Women2
Alicia, Jacob, and Trent
David Closeup picture2
Dean Closeup picture1
David, Dean, and Trent
Gingerbread Houses9
Jacob and Heather
Jacob and Sage
Jacob leaning on couch3
Jacob on swing
Jacob resting1
Jacob with Osmuns and Jan
Mary Call's surprise birthday party2
Matt bowling
David bowling1
Trent bowling
Boys getting ready to sleep
Paul and Landon2
Peterson boys
Phillip, Becky, and Sage
Twins and Jay and Jan2
Alicia with her first turkey
Trent holding Jacob
Trent in sandbox
Trent playing with Jacob
Twins and Jacob2
Jacob holding bottle for the first time2
Jacob in sink1
Jacob is the cutest boy alive2
Jacob is the cutest boy alive3
Jacob laughing1
Jacob leaning on couch1
World Fantasy Convention 2004
Halloween - boys
Halloween - David is batman3
Halloween - Dean is superman1
Halloween - Jacob
Boys with bikes1
David and Dean's birthday2

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