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3rd Quarter 2004
Boys fighting missionary with light sabers
Boys in the sprinklers
Jacob eating cerial for the first time
Jacob in jumper for the first time
Alicia with long hair
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Boys in car
Boys in strollers
Alicia with trent
Alicia with Twins
Matt with Twins
Matt at Disney California
Trent pulling out the sword
Mickey Mouse
Boys on a ride
boys with Gerald's kids
Family at hotel
Family picnic
Family picnic2
Jacob asleep on Matt
Jacob laughing1
Jacob laughing2
Jacob sleeping with Matt
Jacob Sleeping
Jacob Yawning
Jay, Jan, and Joel at Joel's house
Matt at Joel's house
Matt's 10-year High School Reunion
Michelle's belly
Osmun Grandparents
Paul and Michelle
Phillip and Becky
Trent Tongue
Twins bowling
Uncle Jacob and Sharmala
Dean Chicken Pox

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