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2nd Quarter 2004
Matt burnt his feet on sidewalk
Fathers and Sons
Jacob looking at Alicia
Jacob on couch
Alicia in pink
Matt in church clothes
Jacob on couch2
Tret with hat
Alicia with twins
Matt and Alicias Parents
Jacob smiling at Alicia
Jacob smiling at Matt
Peterson family
Jacob is pulling his hair
Jacob is taking a bath
Jacob is taking a bath2
Dean looking at corn
Jacob asleep in swing
David Holding Jacob
The boys being cool
Dean holding carrot from garden
boysenberries closeup
Trent is the cutest boy
Wobotcha eating hibiscus
Alicia 7 months pregnant
Alicia is beautiful
Trent's Second birthday
Alicia in Labor
Alicia had Jacob
Alicia's parents in hospital
Linda holding Jacob
Mary Call holding Jacob
Jacob is hungry
Mmmm Jello
Matt holding Jacob
Jacob sucking his thumb
Family at hospital
Jacob the next day
Jacob sleeping

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