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2nd Quarter 2003
crop circle grass
D & D playing on tramp 4
D & D with tomatoes
Daddy and 3 boys reading
David cute on rock in UT
David cute outside
David in Grass
David pose for mom7
Dean cute
Dean pose for mom8
Dean pouting
Jacob and Sharmilla coming out of temple3
Mom and Dad Peterson
Mommy David and Trent reading
Paul and Michelle 2
Aaron and Yoshino 2
Phillip and Becky2
SL temple and Trent
Trent and fooz ball
Trent black eye2
Trent bonk on head3
Trent drawing3
Trent yogurt face2
Trent's birthday cake
This week's batch of tomatos2
Big smiles
Dean with big smile
First carrot from garden2
Matt and Trent reading a book2
New swimming pool and fence
Our first baba berry
Alicia and twins bottling tomatoes
Trent in cupboard2
Trent is walking for the first time3

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