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4th Quarter 2002
Twins hugging
Zoo - Feeding birds 3
Zoo - petting goats 4
Christmas - twins like Daddy's flashlight
Christmas2002 Doctored up Photo Closeup
3 boys at Christmas tree 6
3 boys on bench 1
In your face Dean
Trent in highchair 4
Matt with Isabel Rowley
Family with Grandma Peterson
boys with grandma and grandpa Osmun
Phillip and Becky
Paul and Michelle
Beautiful Alicia
Twins new slippers
Trent on Matt's Shoulders 2
Zoo - Feeding birds 9
Twins stretching lips
Bobby Alicia and Alicia
Three boys swinging
Birthday for Twins - 3 years old 5
Boulder out of garden 2
David getting a hair cut
David is fishing at Halloween party
David is messy from candy
David is Tigger 1
Dean is messy 1
Dean is pooh bear 1
Dean is VERY excited
Dean playing 2
Matt hanging Trent upsidedown
Matt with the boys
The boys feed Trend chocolate for the first time 1
Birthday for Twins - 3 years old 4
Trent is a duck 1
Trent sitting on couch 1
Trent swinging
Twins with Turtle 2

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