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3rd Quarter 2002
50s Dance 1
Alicia and Trent playing the piano 2
bad grass 2
Bad grass 4
Boys in dicodra 2
Breathing treatments for twins 2
Call family
David and really stretch 2
David and Trent sitting 2
David going down zipline 1
Dean and Matt crying
Grandma David and Trent camping
hitting the pinata 2
Matts beard after camping 2
Trent asleep in tent
Trent laying down
Trent smiling 1
Trent with big hat 2
Twins getting ready to go on zipline
Trent smiling at Alicia with spit up
D & D raising hands up
David wearing knit hat
Dean in overalls
Dean wearing knit hat 2
Hello Trent
hummingbird on clothes line
Matt D & D & T at circus
Trent close up face 3
Trent half smiling
Alicia loving Trent
Trent smiling at clown in swing
Trent smiling
Trent talking smiling
Trent thinking hard
Trents bed on couch 2
Twins feeding ducks
Twins playing Pooh on Computer
Twins watching circus elephant

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