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2nd Quarter 2002
Matt & twins on tramp with sprinklers3
Alicia & twins on tramp with sprinklers 2
Alicia with Trent2
David Dean and Trent crying4
David holding Trent 3
David in overalls
David on coffee table 2
Dean big grin
Dean cuddling Trent
Dean holding Trent
grandparents visiting
Jay & Jan & D & D & T
lots of cheerios 2
Alicia & Trent blessing day 3
Matt holding sleeping Trent 2
Trent - Ah You caught me
Trent in bath sucking finger
Trent sleeping in Alicia hand
Trent taking bath2
Trents Blue eyes
Twins are Sleeping - For REAL
Twins in bath with animals 2
Twins in overalls
Twins on tramp with hats
twins trying to trip Matt
Boys in swimming pool
Alicia is on bedrest
First time the boys swing
grass is growing
New Swing
pregnant pose
sitting in a box
ready for labor
Trent sticking tongue out
Trent was born
Trent with parents
Trent with Matt
Trent with Matt2
After the Labor
Dean with Trent
David with Trent

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