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Year 2000
looking at Matt
asleep in rocker
asleep on couch
asleep on Matt
asleep on matt2
both boys asleep on Alicia
both boys asleep on Matt
boys in overalls
Boys in red bibs
boys in stroller
boys look alike
boys on couch2
boys on couch7
David is a toga boy
David smiling at Alicia
holding twins4
in bed with Matt
in overalls
Alicia kissing boy
Matt and Alicia and twins
Matt and Alicia at MT Timpanogos Temple
Matt burping the boys
Matt kissing boy
Matts quick way of feeding the twins
really cute with mom
Red back
relaxing on the couch
sitting at high chair2
sitting up
sitting up2
Toga Boy
twins in stroller
twins on the grass with Alicia
twins on the grass with Matt
twins on the grass2
twins on the grass4
with grandma and grandpa Call

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